Medical Financing for 500 or Lower Credit Scores

Have an outstanding or upcoming medical expense that you need to personally pay for? For expenses that aren't covered under insurance or other health plans, many choose personal medical loans which we also offer to bad credit borrowers. With us, you can get medical financing even if your credit score is well under 500. Our eligibility terms are virtually independent of the credit scoring system and depending upon your income amount, source and stability, a loan of up to $50,000 can be offered to you, which you can use to cover your medical expenses.

Loans for Medical Treatments

Our personal medical loans do not restrict the nature of the use for which you are approved loans. Whether you need our loans for upcoming medical treatments or to settle past invoices, you can go right ahead and apply for them as no such restrictions shall get in the way. A simple and fully online process is all it takes and since there's no need to be physically visiting a lender or submitting any paperwork, you can dedicate your time towards the exigency at your hand rather than worrying about the funds you need.