Personal Loan Interest Rates Made More Affordable Now

Personal Loan Interest rates are what scare you the most when you choose to borrow quick funds from loan places other than banks. Unlike payday loan rates that are very high even for small loan amount up to $1000, personal loan interest rates from MaxPersonalLoans are relatively affordable. The fixed rates and set payments make our Instant personal loans online the convenient and best loan option in emergency. Besides, our affordable loan rates are not just confined to good credit borrowers. Even people with bad credit, fair credit and no credit at all can also qualify with us, provided other personal loan requirements are also met.

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MaxPersonalLoans as a bad credit personal loans direct lender online offers fast money loans between $2600 and $50,000. The APR on loans with 24-84 months term length is minimum 6.63% and maximum 35.99%. The interest rates on Instant personal loans are fixed and the total loan cost includes the interest also. You can repay the personal loans with low monthly payments as agreed by you in the loan agreement. For example, a $10,000 loan with a 24- month loan term would cost a monthly payment of up to $590.42. Thus, the overall cost would be up to $14,170.08.

The payments are debited via ACH system electronically and therefore no hassles of writing checks. There is no prepayment penalty or early pay off fees if you can afford to pay off your poor credit loan before the loan term. Thus, you can simply pay back the personal loan balance in full plus the interest incurred at the time of repayment without any stress.

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