What is a Home Improvement Loan?

A quick and easy personal loan designed to suit your plans of home improvements, the Personal Loan for Home Improvement from MaxPersonalLoans, is a customer favorite. With flexibility in repayment schemes and application amounts, this loan helps you turn your dream upgrades into a reality, with no fuss!

You can borrow any amount from $2,600 to $50,000 and pay back via a monthly repayment plan designed to suit what you are comfortable with. What's the best part? You get to deal with your direct lender, we seek no collaterals and we welcome borrowers with literally any credit score. We perform no hard credit check and bad credit borrowers are welcome to apply, should they need a personal loan for home repairs, renovations, upgrades, improvements, remodeling or refurbishment.

How does a Personal Loan for House Improvements work?

The working of the loan is a very lean and demystified process. Here's what happens when you seek a personal loan for house improvements:

  • We receive your application with relevant details and documents
  • We verify the received information
  • Your loan eligibility is determined from your income and the amount applied for is compared with the eligible amount
  • A loan offer is made to you
  • On acceptance and mutual agreement, the loan is processed through a direct deposit
  • ACH transactions are set-up to process your repayments automatically