Online Installment Loans with No Credit Check

As a renowned direct lender of personal loans, we at MaxPersonalLoans enjoy being of service to our borrowers in Alabama. The most demanded product - our online installment loan with no credit check - is a straightforward one. Much like what the name suggests, no hard credit check is performed which means that neither does your credit score affect the loan approval, and nor does applying for this loan impact your credit score.

How are we different from Hard Money Lenders in Birmingham, AL?

There are indeed many independent hard money lenders in Birmingham, AL. Often used as a last resort of borrowing, a hard money loan can be quite daunting to apply for - after all, the borrower must keep a valuable piece of real estate at stake for the loan.

A loan from MaxPersonalLoans however, is unsecured. You get loans of up to $50,000, without a collateral. Yes, this being a higher risk for the lender (us) makes it a slightly more expensive loan than the average hard money loan product, but most borrowers find the feeling of security worth the added cost.